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Strengthening Legal Frameworks to Combat Wildlife Crime

Report: Africa - Asia Pacific Symposium, Bangkok, 4-5 July 2017 - United Nations Inter-Agency Task Force on Illicit Trade in Wildlife and Forest Products  

Acrobats of the ocean

Synchronizing tourism and wildlife protection in Panama  

International Conservation Caucus Foundation

Remarks at the International Conservation Caucus Foundation  

Tackling wildlife crime

Environment and natural capital

Helen Clark: Keynote Speech at the ‘Giant’s Summit’ on Wildlife Crime

Mount Kenya Safari Club - Nanyuki, Kenya  

Silent Roar - UNDP and GEF in the Snow Leopard Landscape

Promoting snow leopard conservation serves a broader purpose than simply saving one endangered species. Snow leopards act as an indicator of the health of the entire ecosystem in which they live.  

Silent Roar : Supporting Snow Leopard Conservation for Sustainable Development

Despite contributing significantly to the cultural identity of the diverse ethnic groups and nations that call the high mountain regions their home, the number of snow leopards is rapidly dwindling.…  

The fear factor: How a little alarm protects tigers, landscapes – and us

“Alarm call!” My 12-year old daughter whispered. Fear was in the air, and a successful tiger safari depends on it. The alarm calls of spotted deer, Hanuman langur and even the gigantic Gaur – the…  

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